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Exciting benefits of fig leaves for diabetes

good looking benefits of fig leaves

Fig FRUIT is used as a laxative to relieve constipation. Fig LEAF is used for diabetes, high cholesterol, and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and vitiligo. Some people apply the milky sap (LATEX) from the tree directly to the skin to treat skin tumors and warts. Nov 8, 2010 – Here is a list of health benefits that one can obtain by eating figs and fig leaves: Benefit #1: High fiber content. Benefit #2: Helps those with Diabetes. Benefit #3: Lowers High Blood pressure. Benefit #4: Increases bone density. Benefit #5: Lowers Triglycerides. Once used to protect the privacy of Adam and Eve and adorn the bodies of Greeks and Romans, fig leaves are most commonly known for their spiritual and . The fig leaf is part of the mulberry family and in fact we suggest mixing mulberry leaves (toot in Arabic) with the fig leaf for the best tea possible and healing for . Feb 23, 2018 – We have put together most of the benefits of figs here. Have a look. . Figs are fruits that grow on the Ficus tree, a member of the Mulberry family . They are excellent to eat raw and also taste good if heated with a pinch of salt. Aug 2, 2016 – Know the benefits of figs for women in particular! . sugar level in the body. Fig leaves are also known to be good in helping with diabetes. Nov 9, 2017 – Anyway, I was standing there looking at this fig tree the other day and thinking how nice the new leaves looked. They certainly looked edible, .

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good looking benefits of fig leaves
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